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ALROWAD International Intellectual Property

Posted by: ALROWAD International Intellectual Property ( ARIIP )
Practice Area: Trademark    Country: United Arab Emirates    Publish Date:

Re: Proposed trademark registration in United Arab Emirates, , Africa , USA , Asia & Union Europe.

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are ALROWAD International Intellectual Property one of the leading (I.P.) firms in DubaiUnited Arab Emirates .

     We are specialized in :

Registration of Trademarks – Logo -  Trade Name - Patent – Industrial Design & Copyright ,Renewal of Trademark , protection copy following up – Business Setup – IP Consulting & Attorneys .

What is a Trademark?


A trademark is a sign or symbol placed by the trader or the manufacturer on the products he is selling in order to distinguish them from other similar ones.


Why You Register your trademark, Brands, Logo, Trade name, In UAE  ?

·         The register your trademark is to protect from forgery & counterfeiting processes, monitor & seize all methods of commercial fraud with the objective of protecting the consumer from harms arising out therefore.

·         Registration gives the owner the right to use the mark in question and to seek protection/interim remedies or damages to protect it from abuse or infringement.

·         Only the real owner of a mark who can register his proprietary interest in the mark.

·         The period of protection recognized in the UAE is 10 years, subject to renewal.

To register trademark application in UAE, we need:

  •  A power of attorney, your logo or name of trademark/service mark, & copy of trade license Or passport copy for ( personal ).



For enquiries & further information regarding our activities and services, don’t hesitate to contact us.



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