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Is Joint Custody a good idea for the children?

Posted by: Miley Law Firm
Practice Area: Trademark    Country: All    Publish Date:

Early marriages, busy schedules, numerous disagreements and hectic social life often take their toll on the best of marriages. If the couple decides to get a divorce, there are divorce attorneys, and family law attorney in Tarrant county who can assist with an amicable parting on good terms. This is especially relevant in the context of the children born from the marriage. The best child custody lawyers, local divorce mediation lawyers and custody attorneys should work together to see to it that the child is adequately provided for.

The presiding judge over the divorce hearing will have to decide on child custody. Joint custody is granted when both the parents are medically sane, and do not exhibit any violent tendency towards the child, along with the capability to take care of themselves and the child. In most cases the mother is considered to be the primary care giver, and the child has to attend a school which is in the residential area of the mother. The father also has visiting rights and if he is considered as a primary caregiver, he will have rights over the child for three or four days of the week. The mother has rights on the other days.

Residence in separate homes requires greater cooperation between the parents and their responsibilities actually increase because their duties are bound by law. Some basic ground rules are needed to ensure that things do not fall apart. The child’s age is a determining factor in the degree of communication between him/her and the parents. In many cases the child is quite young, and taking their favorite toys and items of clothing along will help them to ease into the other home. Experts often say that it is necessary to have two pairs of essential items, so that travelling with the child becomes much easier.

It should be noted that a divorce is very harsh on the child, who does not understand what all the fuss and bother is all about. They often feel severe negative emotions like mistrust and loneliness. A lot of children tend to blame themselves for the divorce, and both the mother and the father should ensure that they make the child feel appreciated, valued and loved. Special support groups are also there to help parents and children to cope with the stress of shared custody.

Children who come from divorced families are more prone to anxiety and depression, and may take to sexual activity at an early age as well as drugs as a coping mechanism. Watch out for the warning signs before it gets too late.

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