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Why you should seriously consider CPS lawyers?

Posted by: Miley Law Firm
Practice Area: Copyright    Country: All    Publish Date:

No parent will want to be investigated for issues of child abuse, however with the ushering in of modern times, the CPS or Child Protection Services are in overdrive in every effort to prosecute parents who are guilty of reckless child abuse, knowingly or (in many cases) unknowingly.

If you are subjected to a CPS investigation, you would definitely need the services of the best local cps attorneys. Here are three reasons why;

1.     All that you say can and will be used against you in a court of law:

If you have not done anything wrong, and are falsely accused by CPS or social workers, it is very easy to get worked out and lash out at them. But, any sort of interference with CPS workers, or words said in anger will only serve to make your situation worse than it already is. What you say will be recorded on the spot, and they can be damning in a court of law in front of a disapproving judge and jury. If you have enlisted the services of a cps lawyer, he/she will be able to advise you on what to say, when to say it,, what not to say and also when not to say anything whatsoever. Their counsel has saved the day for many parents falsely accused of child abuse.

2.     Lawyers are familiar with the law and how the system operates:

Child abuse rules and laws vary from one state to another, and as a layman, you are not expected to know the ins and outs of the law as an experienced cps lawyer would know. Their counsel is invaluable because investigations of child abuse often result in intervention and removal. Your cps attorney will be very familiar with all the procedures required to get back the custody of your child. In many cases, social workers and the police are overzealous, and end up violating constitutional rights of the parents, and also they might not have conducted the investigation properly. CPS intervention resulting in your child being placed in a foster home will make matters worse, and your lawyer will know how to deal with these situations.

3.     Someone has to fight for you:

If you are facing child abuse allegations, it will come as no surprise when you find friends and family shying away from you and avoiding any contact. You quickly learn who your friends really are when you are in a tight spot. A family law attorney will provide you with the necessary peace of mind while he/she goes about fighting your case.

If you live near Fort Worth, you can contact CPS lawyers in Fort Worth, local cps defense lawyers, local cps attorneys and local child custody attorneys. Best of luck!

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