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Role of Child Custody Specialist in Parenting Agreements and Religion

Posted by: Miley Law Firm
Practice Area: Trademark    Country: All    Publish Date:

Religious remains to be a vital topic during child custody cases. Does one parent have the legal right to raise his/her child in a particular religious belief without the consent of other parent? Read on to find out more regarding this and how useful the services of a child custody specialist can be for the purpose.

Typically, religious beliefs of the parents never become the only basis of court's judgment, instead there are several aspects that are taken into consideration to understand what arrangements will best meet the interests of the child. However, though the religious belief may not have a direct impact on the case, still the upbringing of child in a abusive or religious community can influence the decision of the judge.

Who Determines The Religion of The Child- Court or Parents?

The judge will never prescribe any sort of religion to the child, rather the parents have to do it. However, there can be cases where parents simply won't come to an agreement and this is where the custodial parent remains in control. While for those cases where the child has been given joint custody, the court will not force them to subscribe same religion onto the child, rather each one of them can expose them to their religion and the child gets to choose.

Here, there are many instances where you will need the help and support of qualified CPS lawyers and these are:

  • To understand what your rights are as a parent in the case and the kind of agreement that you can come to with your spouse.
  • How exactly can religious belief influence the judgment of the case when presented in the right way
  • Showcasing your views or problems in a proper way, according to family law and custody law using the services of best family law firms in fort worth.

Is There Any Harm Standard For Religion?

Based on the principles of the governing constitution, a judge is never going to limit parents from practicing their religious activities unless there is a proof that it can be harmful for the child. Further, the court does not limit parents from raising children in highly demanding religion too like those that have dress code, dietary or other sort of restrictions.

But, parents must remember that: when the child gets raised in religious environment then there are several valid and positive reasons to continue the same. On the contrary, if the other parent follows abusive and violent religion then the judge will undoubtedly the child's exposure to it. Consult with child protection lawyers to know more and how this can be useful for your custody case.

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