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What Are The Frequently Asked Questions To Child Custody Lawyer?

Posted by: Mills Elder Law
Practice Area: Trademark    Country: All    Publish Date:

When you are planning to dissolve your marriage and have a child then you might be worried about child custody, child support and alimony. Further, there would be several questions in your mind related to the case and the child custody lawyer that you should for the purpose. Well, to bring your miseries to an end, this article provides answers to some of the key questions so that you can prepare for your case in an effective way.

1. Does custody only go to one parent of the children?

Custody is not necessarily awarded to one parent, there are circumstances in which the court considers different from of custodies such as:

·        Joint Legal Custody (where parents have to take care of the educational, medical, religious and other related decisions of the child)

·        Joint Physical Custody (in this form of custody the children spends equal time with both the parents)

·        Both joint legal and physical custody are also given, depending on the needs of the children.

2. What factors does court consider while determining who gets the custody?

The court always favors the parent who is able to maintain stability in the surroundings of the children and this can be proved with the services of Las Vegas child custody lawyer. This is because, there is no specific standards for stability, but the judge prioritizes continuity in the life of the child. Some of the factors that they take into account include:

·        The age, physical & mental health and gender of the child

·        Lifestyle and related social factors of parents, focusing on the kind of things that the child will be exposed to- history of abusing child or second-hand smoking.

·        The emotional ties and love between child and the parent, along with the ability of the parent to provide guidance to their child.

·        The living patterns of the child (home, religious institution, community and school)

·        The preferences of the child, if the age of the child is above certain age of state laws.

3. Are mothers more likely to gain custody of the child?

Children who are in their tender years (about four or lower than that) often given to the mother, but there are many states that have rejected this rule, in cases where both the parents are capable of providing the best to their children before their preschool years. If child custody conflict in the Las Vegas arises due to this reason, then you should consider appointing an attorney for your case, who would offer much-needed help and support.

These are the questions that are frequently asked to lawyers who specialize in child custody and for getting more information you can always seek the assistance of a dedicated lawyer.

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