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Top Reasons for Visiting an Elder Law Attorney in Palm Beach Gardens

Posted by: Mills Elder Law
Practice Area: Trademark    Country: All    Publish Date:


When you need legal help, advice, helps with legal documents, court proceedings and more, you go to an attorney. But the legal world is vast and so there are attorneys who specialize in certain areas. If you are a senior needing advice or support legally, or you are a relative of a senior who needs legal help, a great option is to use an elder law attorney, New Jersey based, Palm Beach Gardens or anywhere. There are a lot of issues that can fall under the umbrella of elder law so here are some of the top reasons they are used.

  1. Senior or elder financial manipulation – There are many predators out there that use coercion and manipulation to get money and property from elders who may have diminished mental capacity. Often this is done by family members and caregivers who have close access to the elders but it can also be done by strangers who look for vulnerable people to prey on. An elder law attorney in Palm Beach Gardens can help protect the elder, retrieve property and see that those responsible can no longer get to them.

  2. Establishing conservatorships/guardianship – When a senior reaches a point in age or in health where they are no longer able to make good decisions for themselves, in terms of both health and finances, an elder law attorney can make a request to the courts to appoint someone to make those decisions legally for them. This way the senior has someone to help them and to make sure they are not confused, being conned and are staying healthy.

  3. Protection from nursing home abuse or neglect – There are unfortunately a lot of cases where homes for seniors are neglecting their residents, sometimes this is willfully to save money, sometimes it is due to inadequate staffing or training. There are even some with staff who abuse them deliberately. There are legal steps an elder law attorney New Jersey based can take against the home, the staff involved and to ensure seniors are safe and get compensated for such conditions.

  4. Help with estate planning – Seniors are in their twilight years and if it has not already been done the estate planning where things like wills, living trusts, power of attorney and conservatorships need to be decided on. When you have it in writing what your wishes are for your health, where you want to end up for your final years, whom you trust to look after your property and finances and to make the best decisions for your well being if you are ever unable. With an elder lawyer able to help sort out all these details there is less need for courts to become involved.


That is just four areas that fall under elder law. There are other things they may cover too. Each practitioner may have their own particular experience and study. If you need an elder lawyer look to local firms and look online and find someone with experience to help make life at that age as easy as it can be.



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