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Legal Issues Elder Lawyers help with

Posted by: Mills Elder Law
Practice Area: Trademark    Country: All    Publish Date:

Many legal issues can arise during the process of aging and that is when it is time to see an elder lawyer in Wall, NJ, Red Bank, NJ, or Jupiter, FL or where you live. There are many ways one can help seniors or their family. From financial advice, , estate planning, setting up trusts, establishing a conservatorship/guardianship, planning for Medicaid and much more. Here is a look at the top four reasons someone visits an elder lawyer, but keep in mind they can help with many other concerns.

1) Planning for Medicaid – When you see an elder law attorney in Wall, NJ, Red Bank, NJ, or Jupiter, FL or where you are, there tend to be three stages to the planning for Medicaid, a benefit many seniors need especially with the rising costs of long term care in their later years. First of all, the lawyer will do a proper analysis of your status financially then create a written strategy that covers eligibility, avoiding recovery claims and reduce costs. Then there is the carrying out of that strategy and finally, there is completing the application. Due to all the nuances and different regulations having an elder attorney means less complicated steps for you.

2) Protecting the finances – Sometimes a senior has people abusing their finances, taking advantage of the confusion, putting undue influence on them, tricking them and using coercion. Anybody can be such a predator, sometimes it is a stranger, sometimes it is a family member, caregiver or friend. An elder lawyer can help protect the senior and their properties and money.

3) Estate planning - When estate planning the main documents a lawyer can help you with are powers of attorney for health and finances, living trusts and wills. These are all written legal documents that set out what the person expects to happen to their estate, and to themselves should they reach a point where they can no longer make good decisions. Using an elder lawyer in Wall, NJ, Red Bank, NJ, or Jupiter, FL you can ensure someone has the legal authority they need to carry out your wishes without having to involve the courts.

4) Establishing conservatorships – Sometimes people in their senior years reach a point where they are not able to make sound decisions, about small things and larger things. It can be just the natural process of aging or it can be diseases that are common in later years like Alzheimer's or Dementia. It is important then to see an elder law attorney in palm beach gardens or elder lawyer red bank before that happens and arrange a conservatorship/guardianship so that someone is appointed as the main decision-maker for all legal issues.


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